Dail Ragland
“A number one fantastic get it done get you paid attorney. Straight off got me taken care of medically then financially. With zero money out of my pocket. I’m telling you. Went against Walmart and WON! When no other attorney in Augusta would even take the case…said it was too hard to win…..not only took the case but won it. I would use her again and highly recommend that you choose her also. Thank you Kim Wichalonis!”

B. Hunter
“I have truly been blessed with having Kim Wichalonis as my attorney. I was involved in a car accident on Ga 400 that nearly killed me in 2016. I received injuries to my body, lower back, left knee, and experienced vertigo where I was unable to drive or work for four months. Kim called and made sure I was seen quickly by the appropriate doctors. She would also check in during those four months making sure I was healing well. Kim took GREAT care of me. Not only did she listen to my concerns she displayed such compassion and patience of what I had gone through. She took time to explain the process of my case. Ms. Wichalonis cares about her clients and it shows through her fighting hard for you. Kim, I know you fought hard for me in every aspect of my case and I truly appreciate you. I feel as if I have a lifelong friend. Much success to you.”

“My name is krissie and I must say working with Kim Wichalonis was amazing. She was very helpful. Thanks Kim!

Patricia Jackson
“Kim Wichalonis was my attorney and she took time heard my issues and she went to battle for me and my daughter. Very professional.”

Gerald Fleming
“Most excellent representation by Miss Kim Wichalonis! I could not have asked for better support amid a year full of chaos and crises. Miss Kim, thank you. I would trust you with my children! That’s the ultimate in my book.”